t-shirt-backThe wealth disparity in the U.S between the haves and have nots has never been greater than it is today.

Corporations continue to subscribe to the practise unequal pay based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and other factors even though society has long spoken up for equal rights for all.

Called for since Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights, the goal of achieving a living wage for all is far from reach. 

And not only do vast majority of workers in the US labor under the power of corporations to fire people for no cause whatsoever, those same workers are also being denied the basic rights of free speech and privacy when in the work place.

All of this and more have lead a growing number of communities to dig deeper into why this is and they are seeing the fuller picture in that

We live under a legal paradigm whereby corporations wield greater rights and privileges than real human beings.

Despite the achievements of those who have and continue to fight for the dignity, respect, and protections for workers, the unspoken truth is that in the United States we have yet to achieve constitutional rights for workers. 

Any and all of the successes related to workers have fundamentally left untouched that reality that people are commodities, capital within our economic system. And even though there are protections they are largely there in order to keep the profitability machine humming along. 

The community rights movement is about driving the rights of people, the rights of workers into the fundamental governing documents of the places where we live such that those rights will be secured, recognized, and defended at a higher level than the powers and privileges of corporations.

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