Our mission is to establish a network of communities working to advance, secure and protect the inalienable rights of all Ohioans to democratic, local self governance, to sustainable food, energy and economic systems, and the rights of nature to exist and flourish throughout Ohio.


Several communities in Ohio have successfully adopted Community Bills of Rights (CBORs) protecting community health, safety and welfare, by prohibiting harmful activities that would violate the rights of the community.

The work began in 2012, with CBORs passed in Yellow Springs and Broadview Heights leading the way. Oberlin passed their CBOR in 2013 and Athens passed in 2014. Several other communities in Ohio have attempted to pass CBOR to protect their communities, but due to industry and other pushback during the campaigns, were not successful on their first attempt. Bowling Green, Gates Mills, Youngstown, Niles and Kent residents have all asserted their right to local self government. Many are continuing to pursue initiating community rights in their respective communities to protect themselves and their community from fracking, injection of waste, pipelines, unsustainable energy systems and other corporate harms. Youngstown has attempted to pass their CBOR 5 times and will try again for a 6th attempt this fall.

OHCRN partners with CELDF to draft CBORs that establish Community Rights by accessing local law-making to empower the community as a whole, with protection for the health, safety and welfare of every resident and to secure protections for community economic and environmental resiliency.

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Suspended Algae in Lake Erie
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Protecting Lake Erie’s Right to Exist with the Lake Erie Bill of Rights

Tom Groover has an INCREDIBLE conversation with grassroots activists Markie Miller and Will Falk about recognizing and protecting the Rights of Nature through local law-making as a legal solution to a fixed governmental/corporate state system. This fixed system places corporate privilege to pillage and pollute over the rights of nature […]

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People’s Constitutional Right to Form Charter Government Stricken by Ohio Supreme Court: Court Creates Unattainable Mandate for People

Today, the Ohio Supreme Court struck a blow to the people’s constitutional right to use citizen initiative to propose a county charter form of government. September 21, 2017: Athens and Medina County residents used citizen initiative to propose a county charter form of government, duly qualifying their measures for the […]

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2017 Ohio Community Rights Movement

“Marching doesn’t make change. Change happens locally at our own home” says Tish O’Dell, Ohio’s state Community Rights Movement coordinator during her update of the movement’s Ohio organizing. “Changing the system does.” Tish gives the following updates: Youngstown’s Fair and Free Elections Bill which limits corporate control of elections by […]