Educating and empowering communities and elected officials about our individual and collective right of local self-governance in order to secure and protect the inherent and unalienable rights of all inhabitants of New Hampshire to economic, social and environmental justice, including the rights of nature.


No-Pass-Image-21The current legal system in New Hampshire strips community members of the power to adopt laws to protect their health, safety, and welfare. The system makes it perfectly legal, for commercial and industrial projects that residents consider to be dangerous, to operate in neighborhoods, despite community opposition. For-profit corporations engaging in activities like industrial wind, water mining, gravel extraction, the application of sewage sludge to farmland, large scale hydro-power projects like the Northern Pass, and building infrastructure for transporting shale gas, are all supported by State regulations that legalize harms to the community.

People who are involved with the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) have recognized this system as illegitimate. The work of the NHCRN is to assert fundamental rights and drive constitutional changes that liberate local community self-government from such systemic constraints.

CACR 14 Committee HearingIt was during the 2016 New Hampshire Legislative Session that for the first time in the U.S., a legislative committee heard testimony on a proposed Community Rights Amendment. Presently, our state legislative framework is being used to favor corporate privilege and deny Community Rights. Oppressive control of this framework by commercial and property interests, subordinates the rights of community members and subjects our communities to harm.

Until the state liberates local law-making to prevent our communities from being used as mere resource colonies of the state, we will continue to fight every battle in a vacuum, while being denied the authority we believe we have, subject to a corporate-driven agenda.

The goal of the NH Community Rights Amendment is to provide state-level change that empowers communities with the authority to expand civil and political rights for individuals and communities, recognize the rights of nature, and elevate those rights above the “rights” currently claimed by corporations and other business entities.

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Amend To Protect New Hampshire’s People, Communities and Nature from Corporate Harm
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Amend To Protect New Hampshire’s People, Communities and Nature from Corporate Harm

  National Community Rights Network (NCRN) gives our whole-hearted endorsement to the 2018 New Hampshire Community Rights Amendment campaign and recognizes you all for the incredible work that you are doing for yourselves, your communities, nature and the Community Rights movement. National Community Rights Network (NCRN) is joining with New Hampshire […]

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New Hampshire – Opinion: Grassroots Nonprofit Supports State Constitutional Amendment to Guarantee Community Rights

October 13, 2017 Full Article here. Concord – Representative Ellen Read of Rockingham District 17, has introduced a State Constitutional amendment that would guarantee local communities the authority to protect the health, safety and welfare of individuals, communities and nature. The Community Rights amendment was drafted by New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) […]

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Persistence pays off: The People of Barrington, NH, Vote in Community Rights at Town Meeting

The People of Barrington, NH, Vote in Community Rights at Town Meeting Mar 8, 2016 Residents subordinate corporate interests to Community Rights, ban unsustainable projects FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michelle Sanborn 603-524-2468 [email protected] BARRINGTON, NH:  Tonight, residents at Town Meeting in Barrington, NH, voted  795 to 759 to adopt a […]

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National Community Rights Network endorses proposed New Hampshire state constitutional amendment

  January 2016 Contact: Tom Groover, [email protected] | 303-709-3327 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 5, 2016   National Community Rights Network endorses proposed New Hampshire state constitutional amendment            NHCRN Proposed State Constitutional Amendment Would Guarantee the Right of Local Community Self-Government   The National Community Rights Network […]

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National Community Rights Network Endorses New Hampshire Town’s Community Bill of Rights Ordinance

Contact: Cindy Kudlik:  ckudlik at, 603-780-4511 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 31, 2015 NEW HAMPSHIRE: This month, the National Community Rights Network (NCRN) endorsed Barrington, New Hampshire’s Community Bill of Rights Ordinance. The rights- based ordinance secures the rights of residents to clean water, air, and scenic preservation, and bans […]