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Susie is a teacher, geologist and tree planter who lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She grew up around and worked in the California oil and gas fields until the mid 1980’s. For the last 8 years, Susie, along with other members of Frackfree Mahoning Valley, have jumped through most of the hoops with “officials”, trying to expose both environmental pollution and corporate pollution caused by extreme unconventional extraction of fossil fuels. Now knowing that the governmental system is rigged to put corporate profit over the unalienable rights of people and nature, Susie is an outspoken advocate for Community Rights and represents Mahoning County for the Ohio Community Rights Network. Susie’s town, Youngstown, has had a Community Bill of Rights on the ballot 8 times and their motto remains, “We don’t lose until we quit.”

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Dr. Tom Groover is Secretary of Colorado Community Rights Network Board of Directors and Board of Directors East Boulder County United. Under the threat of imminent fracking moratorium expiration, Tom planned and helped launch 2014’s COCRN-assisted Boulder County initiative to adopt a home rule charter including a Community Bill of Rights for Banning Fracking. 1,800 new fracking wells were planned for Boulder County neighborhoods. The political pressure exerted by this action contributed to further extension of the fracking moratorium. Dr. Groover is Director of Boulder Chiropractic Clinic and lives with his wife in Superior, Colorado.

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New Hampshire

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Kara Scott first became involved with community rights organizing in the summer of 2009. She took the lead in her community by organizing the Bowmanstown Area Action Committee to oppose the siting of a trash transfer station. The effort energized and educated the community to the need for citizen involvement.

Kara continues to work tirelessly to promote a cohesive community, give her neighbors a voice in local government and advocate for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Bowmanstown. She founded and is the president of Bowmanstown Area Residents Connected, a nonprofit group organized to empower the residents of Bowmanstown through increased community awareness, communication, and services. In 2011 she ran for public office and was elected to the Bowmanstown Borough Council, where she currently sits as president.

With the establishment of the Pennsylvania Community Rights Network (PACRN), Kara again became directly involved in organizing for the community rights movement. She serves on the board as president, and is also a board member representing Pennsylvania with the National Community Rights Network (NCRN).

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