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Workers Rights

The wealth disparity in the U.S between the haves and have nots has never been greater than it is today. Corporations continue to subscribe to the practise unequal pay based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and other factors even though society has long spoken up for equal rights for all. Called for […]


Natural Gas pipelines threaten aquifers and drinking water sources, pollute the air through methane leaks, risk explosions, contaminate the soil and threaten local communities and ecosystems. Pipelines can explode, and in 2012 the US Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration reported 244 serious pipeline explosions. As a consequence, many insurers […]


Timber companies routinely spray their forest lands with hazardous chemicals such as Glyphosate, Atrazine and 2,4-D (an ingredient in Agent Orange) to prevent plant growth after a clear-cut. Due to drift from aerial spraying these chemicals “trespass”, contaminating surface and groundwater, livestock, crops, and people. Many state laws shield timber companies against […]

Industrial Energy

Energy. We all use it and depend upon it for every day conveniences. But where does it come from, who controls it, and why does it matter? When you flip the switch to turn on the lights, what kind of energy is being used to produce that electricity? Depending on […]

Factory Farms

Over the past few decades, rural America has been changed dramatically by the industrialization of livestock and poultry farms. Smaller traditional family farms have been replaced by concentrated animal feeding operations, called CAFOs or factory farms, which confine large numbers of animals under stressful, crowded conditions, on small areas of […]


Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of injecting millions of gallons of water, tens of thousands of gallons or pounds of chemicals and tons of silica sand to fracture rock formations and create pathways for natural gas and/or oil to flow into and up the well bore. The produced […]