Thank you to those who were able to join us for our February 1, 2018 webinar and to those who have requested a recording of the webinar. We believe that this webinar is an excellent way to introduce new people and groups to the Community and Nature Rights Movement. It is also a catalyst for long-time activists to escape the “Hamster Wheel” that dictates our engagement and influence on political and fundamental change in our community.

Only when we realize we are spinning in a fixed system can we begin to create new organizational strategies to work for what we want in our communities, instead of compromising for what we don’t want. This is a grassroots movement and we continue to work for protections, not “stronger” regulations; we welcome questions, suggestions, criticisms and ideas as we work to build and support this movement for rights for people, communities and nature.

The Activist Hamster Wheel

Many of us have spun or continue to spin in the “Activist Hamster Wheel”. This wheel is where our FIXED SYSTEM “traps” us as we participate in the illusion of democracy; the illusion that we actually have a voice in how our government works to protect our rights and the rights of nature. We are BRAINWASHED into thinking that we can make systemic change through stronger regulations and stricter enforcement of existing laws by talking at hearings, calling or writing our elected officials or protesting outside our government buildings. We believe that THESE ACTIONS will make our elected officials listen and uphold our rights.

NO! None of these actions have any legal influence and as most of us know, it is MONEY that drives our system through campaign donations, lobbying and corporate-written legislation. As Tom reminds us, our system is illegitimate because it does not recognize our inalienable rights to health and safety, but instead protects corporate rights to property and commerce. We have to stop “begging for crumbs off of the corporate table” and create a people’s movement that elevates the rights of people, communities and nature above the privileges of corporations to plunder for profit. THIS will take a movement; a “collective effort of many people.”

This webinar covers topics including:

  • Corporate harms in the corporate state
  • Moral outrage
  • The Regulatory chute
  • The fixed regulatory system that encourages prescribed participation in the Box of Allowable Activism
  • Actions that keep us spinning in the Activist Hamster Wheel
The Box of Allowable Activism. Our fixed system has been set up this way and makes it hard to say no to corporate harms.
The Box of Allowable Activism. Our fixed system has been set up this way and makes it hard to say no to corporate harms.

Webinar Team

Our Webinar host, Tom Groover, is vice-president of the NCRN, Board member of the Colorado Community Rights Network (COCRN) and member of East Boulder County United. Tom talks about Community Rights Organizing and why it is imperative that we: realize we are “trapped in the wheel”; reformulate our activist approaches; and begin to create a system that recognizes community and nature rights above corporate privilege.  Other NCRN Board members on the webinar are Markie Miller and Susie Beiersdorfer from Ohio, Kara Scott from Pennsylvania and Doug Darrell from New Hampshire.

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