Fundamental Change

Unprecedented species extinction, ecosystem collapse, and climate change evidence the failure of mainstream environmentalism. A global movement is growing to advance fundamental change in the relationship between humankind and the natural world — by eliminating the key barriers to environmental protection and sustainability (including corporate “rights” and powers), and placing the highest legal protections on nature through the recognition of rights.

About the Call

This call provides a practical examination of the Rights of Nature — what it is; why and how it is advancing in U.S. communities and around the world; and strategies for advancing it at the grassroots.

About Mari Margil

Mari Margil is the Associate Director of the Community Environmental Defense Fund (CELDF), She leads the organization’s International Center for the Rights of Nature. Her work includes assisting in drafting the Universal Declaration for the Rights of Nature of Mother Earth, Ecuador’s Constituent Assembly Rights of Nature constitutional provisions, the Ho-Chunk Nation’s first tribal constitutional amendment on the Rights of Nature and the Green Party of England and Wales’ new party platform on the Rights of Nature. She works in Nepal, India, Australia, and other countries to advance Rights of Nature frameworks. Margil received her Master’s degree in Public Policy and Urban Planning from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. She is Co-author of several books, including The Public Health or Bottom Line and Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence.


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